Where are you located? Do you Travel?

Our studio is in Elyria, OH with very easy access off of I90 and the turnpike. We do also offer in-home sessions as well as an occasional studio rental and even airbnbs.
Yes, we travel if needed.

How long have you been doing this?

In October 2019 I made this my only specialty but I have been photographing boudoir since 2010.

How many photos do we get?

Your session fee does come with up to 3 images thee day of, but past there we can discuss our collections and more.

How do we get our photos?

This is dependent on you. We will cover this during your consultation and at your same day reveal.

Do you retouch photos?

Light photoshop and retouching is included but, we also truly believe in your unique and beautiful body and want to leave it as we can. We are not going along with the "standards" that the world tries to put on us, rather create our own worth not based on them

Whats your turn around time?

Immediately after your session we will review images and even send you home with up to three the day of in print and digital. Past there, it depends on you. By us only taking a number of clients monthly that allows us to have faster turn around and get you the highest quality products.

How do we book you?

It really all starts with a simple email, or text.... or fill out our form, or sending an email.

Can you help us with planning?

Oh my gosh! Yes! Some ladies say they have never been more prepared than during their experience with us.

You're A Male!?

Yes. I am a Christian male women's empowerment photographer. I truly believe that this is my calling and I have prayed over this constantly; and Constantly I am blessed with changing the lives of the women I photograph. I have no agenda for your personal boudoir experience other than to give you thee absolute best I can.

How far out do you book?

By only taking a limited amount of sessions we are normally 2 to 3 months booked, and we book up to six months in advance.

What should we do for wardrobe?

During your consult we will discuss, but briefly; Girl. We got you. With over 100 pieces of lingerie and accessories here at the studio for you to borrow.

What if I am awkward?

I can't help but smile when I hear this question, because I know that you will love way more photos then you will hate.
In fact, you could very well fall in love with ALL of your images!
My clients have a VERY hard time narrowing down their photos at their reveal session. You do not have to worry about this. 😉❤ #sorrynotsorry
You are gorgeous, believe that you will love your photos ❤
Guess what? I’m so sure that you will LOVE your photos that I actually guarantee it. If you don’t love them, we’ll delete them all and re-shoot. Still don’t love the new set? I’ll give you a hug and a check for your refund.

I want to lose "XX" pounds first

Ok, listen, I want you to smash those goals, right? I get it , but I tell ya ... I can’t be a cheerleader for you living your best life and then scoff when you say part of that plan includes you losing some weight. I get it. If you think losing pounds will help you feel incredible, go for it, heck I need to as well!
The side effects of feeling incredible and confident in your own skin will outweigh everything. So, what’s the plan? How do you give yourself time to drop the weight you want to lose? Book a few months out, work it, but also…in the event you don’t meet your goal, do the session anyway... becuz you made a commitment to love yourself more!
What? Yeah, do it ANYWAY. Why? Because I will show you how gorgeous you are at ANY size, including the size you are now. I’ll show you all the beauty that you’re made of. Or you know what (and this is my favorite option)…screw losing weight and come love yourself right now. Boudoir is a transformative experience at any size, I promise.


well, the answer is YES and no. We are trying to keep our contact down within the studio but YES we truly want you to bring a friend with you if that is what you want.
Due to the nature of what we will be photographing make sure your friend knows what we are doing.
We do ask no males and only friends that are hype women... not a Debbie downer.
Now, on the flip side .. doing your experience alone is very scary yes but I do say, plus talking with some of you and that I've done this for 11 years now, having more sets of eyes on you during a session makes it even harder.. why? Becuz now you are also trying to impress them or so versus just focusing on yourself.
We do also have a few ladies that will even offer to come to your session, such as Erica Lynn who has accompanied many ladies in their journey here at the studio; plus we also have our Makeup artists that can offer to stay for your session..
So ..can you bring a friend? Yes and no ..

I wish I was Brave enough to book a session like this

I hear this all the time, and the honest truth is the time is now – stop putting off doing something for yourself. The time will never just BE right, you have to CLAIM the time and MAKE it right.
The nervous feelings about booking a Boudoir session never go away, they don’t ease up, you just move through those negative feelings make the commitment to move forward, and then do it. I’m here to educate and guide you by providing you with the tools to decide whether the experience would be meaningful and good for you (with some insanely gorgeous souvenirs). Show up for yourself. My team and I will literally take it from there! Be brave. Be bold. Be beautiful. ❤


Yes! I had the angel wings custom made just for my clients. Currently, I have one set, but another coming .. and they are a beautiful & glorious.

My clawfoot tub is a beautiful addition to the studio and your sessions. Everyone loves it! If you wish a ‘dry tub’ session or if you want that milkbath experience we have you covered both inside the studio or outside.

"I'm too shy"

The whole point of a boudoir photo shoot is to capture you and your unique beauty. So if you’re shy, then we’ll capture that, too! You do not have to be overtly sexy to be sexy. Sex appeal is as unique as you are, and that means a shy little “come hither” smirk in a low-cut sweater is just as sexy as full-body lingerie and a pose that bares it all. In fact, leaving something to the imagination can be even sexier – especially if it makes you feel confident.
While there’s nothing wrong with that sweet and sexy shyness, it’s also helpful to know that you will feel less shy by the end of the session. There’s no doubt about it. We leave nothing to chance, ensuring that you feel as good about your time in the studio as you do about the way you look. While you may walk into the studio feeling nervous and painfully shy, we promise you’ll walk out of the studio with a little extra swagger.

Do I have to share my images online?

Images are only posted publicly if I have your permission. While I would absolutely love to feature every single one of my clients on my social media and website, some choose to keep their photos private or only have anonymous photos posted which is A-OK!

"I'm not photogenic"

Have you said that ? Maybe you feel good about how you look in person, but every time you jump in front of a camera, you end up hating the way it captures you. So, naturally, you decide you’re “not photogenic.”
But here’s the thing. You’re not educated and trained to be a professional photographer. You can’t naturally read light like a human light meter. And you don’t know how to position each part of your body to bring out the best of each feature. Nor should you! You have your own expertise, and that’s the way it should be.
So when you’re used to seeing pictures taken by regular people, typically at a bad selfie angle 😉, then of course you’re going to think you don’t photograph well! But the truth is, here at D C Ketcham Photography, everyone is photogenic because it has nothing to do with how you look – and everything to do with how the picture is being taken. If you haven’t experienced falling in love with a professional portrait of yourself, then run – don’t walk!

"This is quite a bit of money; how do I justify this... ?"

This experience is totally an investment. Boudoir is not inexpensive and the entire luxurious process takes time. Sometimes budgets simply don’t allow for these types of splurges, and I get that. I’m here and so ready for you when you are.
But, let me just adjust your crown a little bit on this one. Your apprehension is really rooted in you questioning whether you’re worthy of spending big on yourself. Consider your partner talking about something that they wanted; if the budget allowed for it and it would make them happy, you’re all in, right? What if this item could possibly shift their entire perception of themselves and result in a happier, more self-assured version of their best self? It would be a simple answer at that point, right? Totally worth it, and the return on investment analysis looks good. You deserve to feel that same way about yourself.❤

Is your inner goddess MIA?

We all lose our way every once in awhile. We don’t feel like ourselves. Things that used to feel easy somehow feel harder. And the weight of the world gets heavier on our shoulders.
When the world gets you down, the only thing you can do is take action. In my experience, the actions that truly help are often the unexpected or surprising ones. If your inner goddess has gone out to lunch, try something different. Surprise yourself. She’ll come back around to see what’s up.
Life is short... Your boudoir Experience will bring that inner goddess back out and You will Love and Surprise Yourself.
Bookings & Inquiries: please email

What is the price?

I am not just a here is your price type photographer. I care more about the person in the images than the money that is transferred. I want to make sure I am the right boudoir photographer for you so we will chat and discuss everything.


Our boudoir sessions are to embrace you the way you are 100%. This means I will not be editing out "rolls" or making anyone "skinnier". Love yourself! Please note that I will gladly edit out minor blemishes.

Session after session what we hear the most; i am nervous and statements just like that but session after session You ladies are transformed... Transformed into the woman You know is in there but needed reminded of.

In our studio we give you freedom. To some, that is to stay covered, and to others, its to show a little more. It's all up to you and there is no wrong way to have a boudoir experience of your own.

To some, it means implied (which means you look like you're not wearing anything) or even topless is not for everyone but thats one of the beauties... There is no pressure.. there are no expectations here in our studio.

Btw; at the beginning of a session we start covered up and you work your way to YOUR comfort level.

Our studio is about empowering and making you comfortable.

One thing that sets me apart from others is that I LOVE to capture your personality in your boudoir portraits.
Yes, I’ll direct you. I’ll pose with you. I walk you through every little thing so all you have to do is come in and have the BEST experience. Leave feeling gorgeous. See yourself they way I see you through my lens. You'll see yourself in a new light... You'll see yourself how your significant other does I enjoy connecting with my clients. It’s a a safe space where you get to let your guard down and embrace the journey you are on. Celebrating YOU while having beautiful images you will love for years to come.
If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and do something special for yourself- now is your time. Contact me to go over all the details!

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