Hello, I am Dan ...

Who am I ? Who is DcKetchamPhotography?
And Why Do I do this?
I am Dan.
A disciple of Christ.
A husband.
A father.
Your Boudoir Photographer.
You see, Boudoir to me is not just snapping a few pictures with a camera and calling it done ... YOU ladies are the reason I do this. YOU ladies are the reason behind me always pushing to be better and even more approachable.
Boudoir is about empowering YOU.
Boudoir is about (re)finding yourself.
Boudoir is about celebrating yourself.
Boudoir is about having fun.

Simply put — we love, love

The world tries to tell each and every one of us WHO we are... and usually it is to shrink us and not let us shine for who we really are.

Its written that we are all created as masterpieces and made in His image.


Just as we are.

We cannot let the world tell us who we are... Let us tell the world who we are.

I have been empowering women through Boudoir for over 11 years now and just since October of 2019 over 275 ladies have walked into our studio scared and nervous; But left with their head held high and full of joy, love and confidence.

Boudoir is about intimate portraits and usually involves little to sometimes no clothing, but ladies I am here to tell you, You are safe with me.

My studio is an all women empowerment, where women fall in love with themselves every single day. Our mission is to have our clients walk away with long lasting confidences

My style is intimate with a side of sensuality with a hint of glam... if that makes sense.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, depression, self-loathing myself, I use those and my photography for you women to see your true beauty that God has given you through my lens... and we even include therapy during your session.

I hope you like to laugh, as I know a good dad joke or two and I can truly bring out the best in any session and I truly respect the women I am lucky enough to photograph. I am not here to "see" anything at all.. I am here to show you You. To let you see a side of yourself you want. I am here to show you that confidence you're looking for.

I am truly inspired by so many of you and need to express it even more .. and even by me posting I am lifting you all up as we are all in this together and much respect to all of you .. Thank you for the opportunity to post and put a little of my work out there.

Your biggest compliment is coming back for another session, or referring your friends.

I’m just the one behind the lens. There’s no judgment behind it. You’re afraid it will be all wrong... You're afraid you're not going to like your portraits... You're afraid you're going to be judged... You're afraid you will look silly or more.. but ladies, I promise you’ll love your images and the experience.

There is just something special of what happens to women during and after their boudoir session that I rarely ever see elsewhere and that is my main reason to offer boudoir.

Yes, I am a male photographer and I cannot 100% relate with women on much But, being a Christian that has struggled with weight, struggled with self love, struggled with money, struggled with balance of life and work, being a husband, father .. and the list goes on of my struggles, but one constant does remain and that is God.
God has given me this talent of photography and use it for good. So, here in this group, on my FB page, and Instagram we will talk and show it all and give women the respect they want and deserve.

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Regardless of what season of life you are in...young, older, single, engaged, married, a mother, a grandmother...you deserve the opportunity to feel captivating and see yourself for the amazing woman that you are.

Kelly D // MEDINA, OH

I was told boudoir is like tattoos, once you do it once, you want to do it again and again...I don’t have tattoos, but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate. I took the plunge again today. I had a couple poses I knew I wanted to try and I love the way they turned out L Thank you to Amber and Dan Ketcham for their amazing work today! Now to start saving for another round haha

Nicole J // amherst, oh

So I did something today that was totally out of my comfort zone. Let me tell you I had so much fun and such an amazing day even during the snow storm. Thank you so much Amber you did an amazing job on my hair and makeup flawless since I’m a very light make up person. Dan thank you so much for making me giggle and laugh and for all the amazing pictures! I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did these! I feel so beautiful!

Angie H // elyria, Oh

what an amazing experience it was to do this today!! I was so nervous for today. I didn’t know what to expect. Leading up to today, all I could think was “I’m too fat for this, I can’t do this” or “Oh my gosh my face is breaking out what am I going to do!?” And after Dan showed me the first picture from his camera, all of the worries I had vanished! Dan and Amber are amazing to work with. Today was full of nothing but happiness and laughter and the pictures I got from the experience are just a plus!

If you’re at all hesitant about doing this, don’t be!! It is worth it!