An intimate maternity boudoir photography experience is a beautiful way for you to connect with your baby and your baby bump. Having the ability to create a human being is magical! Whether this is your first pregnancy, fourth, or last, each pregnancy is uniquely special and deserves to be celebrated.

An Intimate Maternity Boudoir Photography Experience Allows You To Pamper Yourself Before Your Baby Arrives

You’re completely in love, glowing, and feeling like an empowered goddess. A maternity boudoir session allows you to tap into your feminine energy and truly feel the connection you have with your baby. Your body is transforming and creating beautiful curves. You’re excited to know what your baby will look like and what personality they will have. Your imagination just keeps going!

Every pregnancy is worth celebrating!  Your body is doing the amazing work of creating a new life and that deserves to be honored and documented.

Right now, if might feel like you’ve been pregnant FOREVER!  But in hindsight, you will realize that your pregnancy was such a short moment in time before your beautiful baby arrived. A maternity boudoir experience will give you images to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.  The images that we create together at the studio will remind you of the beauty, strength, and power of your pregnancy. 

Your maternity boudoir experience will highlight your glowing skin and hair, show off the curve of your baby bump, and remind you of the preciousness of the life growing inside of you. 

maternity boudoir

One of the great things about a maternity boudoir photoshoot is that there are no rules about what you have to wear!

Your wardrobe choices will depend on your personal style, what you’re comfortable with, and the types of images you want to create. You might want to wear a bra and panty set, a lace gown, a form-fitting dress, a fabric drape or nothing at all. We’re here to help style you and choose wardrobe items that will look great on camera! We will send you a prep guide before your boudoir experience with links and photos of outfits that are perfect for your maternity boudoir experience. For more inspiration, check out the gallery above!

When Should I Do My Maternity Boudoir?

Plan to come into the studio between 28 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy. Having your experience during this window gives you the best of both worlds: your belly is a perfect bump but you’ll still feel comfortable enough to pose for photos.

What is Maternity Empowerment?

celebrates the beauty and femininity of pregnancy. Similar to any other boudoir experience, you will be photographed in outfits and poses that emphasize your sensual side. But maternity boudoir is about so much more than just wearing lingerie - it’s about celebrating your journey into motherhood and the magic of your body supporting a new life.


your entire experience will be approx 3-4 hours. we don’t like to rush our clients and we want you take all the time you need to change, and discuss sets along with directing you on posing and show you some fantastic shots along the way. The sessions are fun and you’ll be feeling super sexy and empowered when you leave - so we encourage you to make some fun plans afterwards especially since your hair and makeup will be done