you may be thinking ... i'm gonna be scared the whole time...

you may be thinking... i'm not gonna have fun ...

you may be thinking ...i'm gonna hate my photos...

boudoir in comfortable outfit PINK Boudoir

heck .. you may be thinking ... there's no way I will let a guy see me in lingerie ..

but you might also be thinking ...

you may be thinking ... it is time

you may be thinking... i am worthy

you may be thinking.. this is what ive been looking for ..

boudoir in comfortable outfit

Well, All .. I mean ALL of those thoughts are correct at one point and I can tell you ladies, You're right, This might not be for you if you aren't one to laugh or have fun or just be yourself and be that person in the mirror you want to see. You are right; You ARE worthy. You are right; It IS time. You are right; THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR !

Ladies, Let's get together and have fun.. laugh until our sides hurt and then have AMAZING and INSPIRING portraits of you forever.

There are a few things I hear alot as a boudoir photographer, but do you know what I love to hear the most? That you can't believe its you (in a good way) and that you were scared at first, but you are ready to do it all over again!

Let's chat if you are even thinking about it.. YOU ARE WORTH IT

white sheet boudoir
white sheet boudoir