First of all, let me clear something that comes up often: YOU DO not need to share your images, this blog post by me while you're searching for the right boudoir photographer is just words and you are in total control of your photos and your experience

Boudoir photoshoots take vulnerability, courage, and strength.


Over the years, when imagining themselves during a boudoir experience, many women have a fear-driven response. They start having thoughts like:

"I can't look like everyone else"

“I could never pose in just lingerie”

“I am not young enough”

“I am not thin enough”

“I don’t know how to be sexy”

“I won’t look good in these pictures”

However, the truth is different from what your anxiety is lying to you about.

EVERY woman already has exactly what they need to take these timeless, stunning boudoir photos. But, every once in a while, women might need an extra push to take the plunge and go for Boudoir. But, this isn’t the only reason.

There are many ways in which sharing boudoir photos can be a task of uplifting other women.

How often have you seen people judging women for their looks or outfits? Well, women are often judged for everything they do, which ultimately lowers their self-esteem. But, Boudoir is like a self-esteem boost where women learn to reconnect with their true selves and find love in their inner diva. When you share Boudoir photos, you can get other women thinking about how there’s nothing wrong with what you decide to wear or not; your true beauty and elegance lies in your personality, not your looks.

Most women when talking with them, will say that they don't tend to go after boudoir or any other self-liberating experience because they fear the consequences. However, when you post your Boudoir photos, you can include a story that describes what led you towards the Boudoir experience with us. This won’t just inspire other women out there; it will make them appreciate their obscure uninhibited side.

People are going to talk no matter what ... and you might as well give them something to talk about and control your own narrative.

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Trust us, when women empower women, anything is possible, including stunning boudoir photos. There’s nothing that describes Boudoir photography in Ohio better than the celebration of uniqueness.

You can madly fall in love with yourself all over again, improve your general badassery and uplift those around you.

Boudoir experience is more than a photoshoot. they are raw sessions that focus on showing the imperfect, unfiltered, raw beauty of women’s bodies.

You don’t just look beautiful in your boudoir photos; you look unapologetically yourself!

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one last thought....

time after time... I hear from woman just like you that are reading this in ohio as they look for their boudoir photographer is body type.

Sadly, I continue to hear that some other photographers only photograph certain body types... and at least show them online ...

Not here at Boudoir By DcKetcham, Ohio's Elite Boudoir Photographer, as we see beauty in all sizes. all genders.

For years I have heard .... I chose you to take my photos because the women you photograph don't look fake and they have my body type.

you're going to inspire women you don't know