Over the years I have made it a priority NOT to offer mini sessions, or marathons even... But You may be thinking, Well i just want a few photos and don't have time for anything else or even WHY NOT !? just in general. 

Here are my meandering thoughts on this ... and hear me out; whether you’re a potential "client" reading this or a friend that has had their own session now , but ... my main reason for NOT offering mini sessions.

My main reason is :: Not Enough Time to Connect.

We are all normal, and as adults it take some time to get comfortable ; let alone to be comfortable in less clothing than normal, and then there is the warm up to the camera. We just don’t have that kind of time during a mini session. I personally hate having to rush any of you.  

My purpose is to capture the amazing stories and truly intimate portraits of the women who trust me to be there all along on the adventure of loving yourself more and finding yourself.

There is a song by halestorm called "Private parts" and its NOT about ... well,... it is about finding you. the private parts. the parts you only share with people that are close.. those that matter and know you. getting "naked" during a photosession sounds easy, but that is the furthest about what boudoir is about when you are with us here at dcketchamphotography.  we are here to find those private parts... that comfort... that level that you feel comfortable and i have said this time and time again... and it started as a joke by a few of you ladies, but now is truth: you are going to be nervous. you are going to want to back out before you even get here to the studio. but by the end of your session you will have your boobs out having an amazing time and not even thinking about your nervousness. again, this isn't just about actual private parts... but ladies... you are worth more than just a half hour of my time. i value you, and i want you to see your own worth. you will not get that during a mini session.

now, i am not downing anyone out there that offers these, i am telling you why i do not.

choosing the right photographer, especially boudoir photographer is just as important as a doctor, dentist or heck lawyer.

The second reason I don’t do mini sessions is because of how I specifically handle my photosessions.

 I’m a storyteller at heart, and I know a HUGE reason of what draws people into my work and makes them fall in love with the images are the stories I’m able to visually capture. I get a lot of comments saying, “I love how you captured the real me.” .. "I never thought I could do this but you made me see myself in a new way"

I LOVE comments like that, because I’m VERY intentional in doing that. I fully believe in order to get those raw, vulnerable, candid, passionate images I have to know who the woman is that I’m photographing. 

From the moment someone inquires, I’m asking questions about their story, their heart, and their dreams in order to get to know them on a deeper level than just “photographer” and “client.”

I make it a priority to actually chat before a session and If at all possible I will meet you beforehand for drinks or food before I ever take that first shutter click. I intentionally get to know them as friends because the second they view our time together as friends casually exploring and being together, they open up and magic happens.... I’m no longer a hired professional, but a dear friend who came along on their adventure and happens to have a camera in hand. With mini sessions there just simply isn’t time to get to know each other on a real, raw level. Therefore, the work I produce during a mini session, to me isn’t worthy of what I know I’m capable of, or what you are worth. And you are worthy.

I have more thoughts on this and would love to share more .... as my studio is a full service boudoir luxury experience. So do yourself a favor friend, and take the leap. Let's connect. Let's find those private parts and give you the best version of yourself through intimate portraits.