Can I just say I LOVE photographing moms?


Every time, they ALWAYS dislike something about themselves, usually its "I dislike my stomach, or my stretch marks, etc".

So, Usually they always want me to NOT photographing that area... I have never been fabulous at following directions or going with the flow so what do I do?

I embrace your areas of concern, but honestly, I don't hide it, I don't cover it up. I want to SHOW YOU how beautiful you are, I want to show off those areas and help you fall in love with your body all over again.

Thank you Mrs. N for trusting me with such intimate portraiture, and allowing me to show you off!

Enter a Heading

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let's just talk about confidence...

How do we keep it, or lose it, or build it. Regardless of age, body type, or ethnicity self love and confidence are SO important. We need to love ourselves and show our daughters how important it is.

This gorgeous gal, Melissa came to me hesitant about a session. Having never had a boudoir session before I totally understand how it can be intimidating. What do I wear? What about shoes, lingerie, necklaces, ahhhhhhh!

BUT it doesn't have to be stressful. It actually is fun. She started off with her getting pampered going outside of her comfort zone, and calming her nerves and then came to me. A little bit into the session she began to shine! She started to open up and out came this voluptuous inner goddess!

After receiving her images this is what she said,

"thank you also for bringing out the woman I never knew was inside me. I saw a side of me in those photos and I still tear up because they was the most beautiful photos I have ever seen myself as. I felt like a true vision of myself and I wish I was confident enough to show that side of me more.!'


This is what I live for. Reminding women how beautiful they are, reminding them to love themselves, and reminding them that they need to strut their stuff in front of a camera sometimes!

Thank you Melissa for taking the risk, doing the session, AND letting me share a few to inspire other women that might be nervous too.

It is never too late to fall in love with yourself again.

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