Boudoir photos.

Who know two little words could be so intimidating?

boudoir is so much more than lingerie and sexy posing. Boudoir is about seeing yourself from a different perspective and finding power and strength in who you are.

There are tons of reasons why women choose to do boudoir sessions, and your reason is unique to you! 

It makes me sad when I hear people say, I would love to do a Boudoir photoshoot but I don't love the way I look.

First of all, you are stunning. Let me say that one more time, you are stunning!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, has aspects of their body they don't "love", and that's okay.

Boudoir is one way to help you fall in love with all of those bits and pieces again.

So often I here from clients during the photoshoot (when I show them the back of my camera) "wow, that's what I really look like". And their "wow" isn't a, eww yikes kind of "wow" but an honest to goodness shock of how gorgeous they are. So if you are thinking you're not "model" enough for boudoir, trust me when I say you are gorgeous and it would be my honor to show you just how stunning you are! 


Boudoir isn’t just for a significant other—it’s for you. If you are happily single or in a rock solid relationship, a boudoir experience can be a great reminder of a great period in your life!

And if you've just gone through a rough breakup or just gotten out of a bad relationship, get your confidence back with some sexy boudoir photos and remind yourself of how amazing you are!

and heck, send them a tease and let them know what they missed out on ;-)

Boudoir EXPERIENCEs are all about focusing on you – making you feel beautiful, sexy and empowered. It’s amazing to watch a woman’s confidence soar during THEIR EXPERIENCE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Typically, she starts off a bit shy and unsure, but after the first few images are captured and she sees proof on the back of my camera of just how gorgeous she , she starts to see herself in a new way and the confidence radiates!


Sometimes, women who work in male dominated fields can find themselves feeling less feminine or attractive. A boudoir experience can put you back in touch with your femininity and show off your inner and outer strength.

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I strive to make sure every human who steps in front of my camera feels comfortable from the start. I love to set up a call before every boudoir experience in order to help us get to know each other and get the ideas flowing on what you want your session to be about or look like. The day of the experience we chat while you get your hair and makeup done, go over your outfits, play lots of great music, and even partake in some liquid courage in the form of mimosas if you'd like.


Have you ever wanted to try something you’ve never done before or maybe be someone else for the day? Many women feel boudoir is way outside their comfort zone, but that’s what is so freeing about it! Take a chance and let your guard down. The perfect time is NOW! You’ll be so glad you did it.

ohio best boudoir near me

It’s normal to feel nervous about booking a boudoir experience, but as all my past clients will tell you, it is the biggest and best confidence boost out there!

Once the nerves wear off (which I promise they will!) the experience begins to flow naturally, your self-confidence begins to radiate, and you will leave the studio feeling empowered.

All my sessions are full-service, luxury experiences from start to finish. I’ll guide you through posing naturally, offer outfit suggestions, alleviate any concerns, and play YOUR FAVORITE musiC and by the end of it you will want another experience!


Most of my boudoir experiences take place at my home studio, but you are welcome to make your session happen wherever you like. Other locations I have shot at include local hotels, homes of clients, Airbnb rentals, bars, parking lots, rivers and yes, even public parks.

I love when ladies have specific visions for their experience or want to try new things, but the usual includes doing hair and makeup at my home studio by one of my favorite local artists while you sip champagne and we go through your wardrobe options.

Then we move on to the actual photos, where I will direct and guide you through a series of poses to help create an organic and natural style of photo that looks like the “girl next door” as well as some poses that are more sexy and seductive.

And, It’s always good for us to chat before hand to discuss the types of images you want to create, that way we already have a plan for your shoot and know what you’re comfortable with.

ohio best boudoir near me

my head is still going but ... more on another post later... But if you're even remotely thinking about an experience of your own