OK! You've done it ... You've booked your session... You've gotten all of your emails... You're a few days away from your experience and you're thinking do I take this.. take that or what else... Well, Here is what NOT to bring to your boudoir experience

Let's start with: Not the best Fitting Outfits

This is a big one. Through our conversations we can assist you in finding the perfect outfits online and even have our own client closet to borrow from. It’s important that you give yourself enough time to make sure you have the correct sizes and you can return/exchange accordingly. Another important aspect to consider is that you make sure you have all the pieces to your outfit. With some lingerie there are straps and such that accompany.. lets make sure we have them.. Or stockings even.

As a whole, it is just so important that you feel good in your outfits. When you feel good, you look good. If you are concerned about your outfit in the back of your mind, that tension can come through in your photos. So, leave those uncomfortable outfits at home!

Your own worst enemy: The Self-Critic

Here is if not the most important, thing to leave at home. The self-critic. Sometimes, this one still manages to sneak its way into a session and we have to kick it out! I do have a rule in my studio .. No bad talking about ourselves and if you say one bad thing; then you need to say 3 nice things.

We truly understand how hard we all can be on themselves. . . coming in with a positive and curious mindset will do wonders for your boudoir session. Trusting the process that our professional photographers know how to communicate with you to get you perfectly posed is not easy. Some poses may even feel unflattering in the process, but leave that negative self-talk home and trust that we got you!

A Friend

You may have a knee-jerk reaction to not want to do this alone. ... but hear me out.

Even though I have already covered this one in our FAQ (https://www.boudoirbydcketchamphotography.com/faq) I want to make sure you know why.

While bringing your BFF or S.O. may seem like a good idea, we actually recommend you leave them at home.

A boudoir session is an incredibly vulnerable and exhilarating experience.

Being chosen as your boudoir photographer I take such careful time to establish a relationship of trust.

My goal is to make sure this will be an unforgettable experience for you and we don’t want any opportunity for our positive, uplifting vibrations to be interrupted.

Now, on the flip side .. doing your experience alone is very scary yes but I do say, plus talking with some of you and that I've done this for 11 years now, having more sets of eyes on you during a session makes it even harder.. why? Becuz now you are also trying to impress them or so versus just focusing on yourself.

This boudoir experience is about you .. So let's keep it about YOU

Distracting "Props"

Incorporating props into a boudoir session is a great way to customize your boudoir session... In fact we LOVE you making the session as personal as you can; BUT!!! We caution our clients to choose carefully to avoid looking cheesy. After all, YOU should always be the main focus of every photo.