As boudoir photography has grown in popularity over the past several years, I’ve seen so many posts from photographers who do boudoir "shoots" pushing women to do it for a confidence boost... To feel sexy.... For so many surface level, bland reasons that honestly can just promote the stigma of beauty importance that I try to avoid. You are worth more than your flesh and your looks.

plus size boudoir

Boudoir with me is more than just simple photoshoot. In fact, I rarely use that word when describing what we offer here.

I do see a world where a boudoir photo "shoot" is a confidence boost, no doubt.

And now, don't get me wrong, I DO want that (for them to feel confident, sexy and seen) for every woman who walks into my studio....

plus size boudoir

but what I really want for the humans I empower to feel… ENOUGH. WORTHY BEAUTIFUL.

I want you to see yourself and know it’s exactly who are you.

Not a version of you that’s been pushed down, made to feel small, or not good enough.

When you see the human in your intimate portraits, I want you to see that you ARE ENOUGH, that you ARE WORTHY, THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and LOVE YOURSELF.

neon boudoir

Maybe you're not ready yet, but when you are ... I'd love to chat