Boudoir can actually be done in so many different ways because each of my clients bring unique ideas, vision, and personality to their session... llet alone their unique body. Boudoir Experiences can take place indoors at my studio, or outside in nature. And even then, most of the clients choose to get their hair and/or makeup done professionally for the photoshoot, while I do have a few that opt for a totally DIY vibe. 

The point is, there’s no one “right” way to plan your boudoir experience. During our first planning "meeting", I encourage clients to both notice and gently let go of any “should’s” you may have in mind about your photoshoot and to instead consider: how do you imagine your ideal boudoir experience? 

To help you imagine all that’s possible for a boudoir session, I want to share the top three misconceptions I hear from clients about boudoir photography.


WRONG! Now, the vast majority of my clients have their experience just for themselves– as an act of self-love and celebration, or as a way of documenting a significant chapter in their lives. It’s okay if you want your boudoir photographs to be a gift for someone else, and it’s also okay to do a session entirely as a gift for yourself! 

And really, so many ladies start out that it might be a gift for their partner, but it ends up more for them.


The truth is there are NO rules about what you should or shouldn't wear for your boudoir experience. 

The number one thing I encourage clients to do when selecting their wardrobe is to find outfits that you love and that feel like you. If that includes lacy lingerie, awesome! And if that means wearing cotton undies and a big comfy sweater, or your favorite jeans and a cool leather jacket, that’s equally wonderful. Some of my clients want to take fine art nude or implied nude portraits, so they may be wrapped up in just a sheet or not wearing anything at all. And really, I have had some clients choose to wear everyday clothing throughout the entire session. 

What matters most is this one question: what feels most like you? Wear that :) 

I have lots of resources to help you select outfits for your session, and I’m always happy to talk through those options with you during our planning session. You also can see some of the options that we have here at the studio to use for free.


While I personally pride myself on letting my work speak for me, If you don’t want a single soul, besides your photographer, to ever see your images, then honestly, that’s exactly what we promise to do. We understand the level of trust it takes for you to open yourself up to this experience. That’s why we promise to honor your trust by following your wishes to the letter.

When you come in for your experience you get to choose even if you want to let your images be seen; and then where, or which ones.


BONUS 4) I need to lose weight before I do the session.

Capturing your body at its most restricted weight is actually not ideal for boudoir. If you show up for your experience after two weeks of binge dieting, or even two months of dedicated two-a-days at the gym, you won’t look like the authentic, everyday you. Yes, you might be the ultra-thin version of you, but if that’s not attainable on a consistent basis, you’re missing one of the amazing benefits of a boudoir experience. One of the best parts of having boudoir photos is the opportunity to look at your beautiful appearance when you’re feeling down or self-conscious. Whenever you need a little boost or some extra sass, you can pull out your images and have proof that you are damn sexy. But if we’ve captured an unattainable version of you, you’ll look back at your photos and see yet another “perfect woman” who doesn’t feel like you anymore. And that’s not empowering – or at least not as empowering as it could be. Give us a chance to show you how beautiful and sexy you are already, without changing anything about yourself. It will make the experience so much more powerful – now and forever.