Timeline Tuesday Tip! So, you're interested in your own Boudoir Experience!? But what ... okay, so here is a little timeline for you to help you.

First of all; ALL of our sessions start with a consult call, or even texts. This is mandatory and I do not put you on the calendar without this and the next step. You can fill out our form on www.boudoirbydcketchamphotography.com or DM me .. or instagram.com/dcketchamphotography

Secondly; We find a date that works for us; Normally I am booked at least 2 up to 3 months in advance but I leave gaps in that as I only take a limited number of sessions each month. Then we get your non-refundable retainer.

Then, Third; we send contracts and then a slew of emails that will answer all and almost every single question that wasn't answered already.

From there; we chat about overall looks and wardrobe leading up to your session.

Three days before your session your session fee is due in full and then we will chat confirmation.

Day of your session; You come in and we start by going over your outfits and then youll sit with one of our hair stylists and makeup artists.

From there, your session begins.

Immediately after your session we will review all of your images and you will even go home with 3 (sometimes more) images

Depending on how you pay, or set up a payment plan will determine how fast you get the images and collection you chose at your reveal.

Then, if you signed a release we will post your images and then we start talking about how to get you back in for another session as YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

So, There you go!

A little timeline for you!

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