A Sexy Gift for THEM, A Confidence Boost for YOU

Looking for the perfect gift to give a special someone in your life?

Now, I'm going to go with the male idea for a minute ... but also, think about this if there are two females....

You could get them a watch or you could gift them something they actually want like a sensual photo shoot featuring you!

There’s likely little else you could give them that would be half as memorable as a boudoir album full of the sexiest images of you.

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret about boudoir sessions intended as gifts. These sessions are often as much (or more) a gift for you than they are for him.

best boudoir photographer in ohio
best boudoir photographer in ohio

In my experience, most women who do a session as a gift are slightly embarrassed to admit that they also want to do it for themselves for the confidence boost.

In my view, this isn’t something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

The consensus I hear from my clients is that they don’t want to come off as vein or self centered for wanting to do their sessions for themselves.

As a whole, we are taught not to give ourselves love but to give to others ... and as women, many of you tend to always put people ahead of yourself.. but .. Damn it .. Let's just quit that. Its truly okay to put yourself first. Truly.

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I can totally understand how one would think that just looking at a boudoir experience as sexy photos, but the more meaningful reason women do a session is much deeper than that. The strongest reason to do a boudoir experience is to help you change the way you see yourself so you can realize how beautiful you actually are.

The way I see it, a boudoir session intended as a gift is one of life’s genuine win wins. You get to give them something they’ll remember forever that’s not a cliche night out and you get the unparalleled confidence boost that comes from the tasteful, sensual final artwork where you’re the focal point. Not a bad deal right?!?

Seriously, the way that you are going to feel after your experience is truly life changing!

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Starting to love this idea? It actually gets better! Here’s what I’ve found most of my clients do when they gift photos to their significant others. Most get an album for themselves and then gift him a retro viewer full of sexiest images from your session.

moody boudoir
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moody boudoir

Most people love getting "things.." especially if they are intimate portraits of you.

Gifting a session sounds great right?!?

Believe it or not it actually gets even better!

Remember all that lingerie from your photo shoot?

Well you’ll get to model all of that for them in real life after you give them their gift!

If all of this doesn’t add a little spark between the two of you, I’m not quite sure what would!

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Boudoir makes for the perfect sexy gift for his birthday, Valentines day, Christmas, your anniversary, or wedding. Just remember to plan ahead and keep my final artwork lead times in mind so that his gift doesn’t arrive late.