we know life can get hectic…and feel like you are always on the go .... and if you're anything like me that’s probably an understatement...

When’s the last time you truly felt connected to your sexy, feminine side? When was the last time you felt confident?

Married to a wonderful woman, I know that women tend to wear all the hats in their lives and doing that can lead fast to exhaustion and disconnection from not only your significant other ... but mainly yourself.

At the end of the day, for most... I know that we want to be loved, feel confident, feel sexy and in reality in your pj's just scrolling through the phone ... but It’s hard to feel sexy in survival mode.... the go go go has to stop.

ohio boudoir photographer confident sexy photos

you may be thinking ... but how is a boudoir experience going to be the antidote for women who find themselves stuck in “go mode” all the time...

here's why

Ever been so excited for something in the future? Well, Boudoir is just that; It gives you something new and exciting to look forward to

I know it sounds weird but ... literally we will start off having a conversation that will get you engaged and leave you feeling that desire... and the fun of a boudoir experience starts even before you get to the studio.

If you’re feeling like your life has become a steady cycle of eat, sleep, work, and repeat, it can be fun to break out of it with a shopping excursion looking for new outfits (HELLO WHO DOESN'T WANT NEW LINGERIE!?) or possibly you want to book a mani-pedi... for some maybe you’ve been trying to eat better or work out more, booking your experience a couple of months in advance can even help motivate you to stay on track when you get bored or discouraged... cuz we ALL know that working out isn't always fun.

Knowing that you have something new and exciting to look forward to can make it easier to get through the mundance parts of life that we need but loathe .... such as those long workdays, maybe you're planning a wedding, caring for children, or insert your own .... . 

ohio boudoir photographer confident sexy photos

If i had to come up with a top reason for boudoir:

You Just Want To

You don’t need any other reason to take on a life-changing boudoir experience.

It’s great to have goals, but if we’re all being honest, sometimes it’s easy to focus a little too much on them... and to really stress yourself out over that.

If you're like me or so many others... we are trying to lose weight, improve our relationships, be better parents.. or heck even just make it through the day .... We have an end goal in mind, and so much of what we do day to day becomes a means to an end to achieve those goals. There’s nothing wrong with that, but burn out is usually right around the corner if we don’t balance out all that goal-digging with some good old-fashioned fun or creativity.

In my previous career I learned alot about balancing life and work .. Not exactly doing it myself, but I was even google certified and traveled to austin texas to the google headquarters... One thing I found out while I was there, was that Google encourages their employees to follow their “20% rule”, which means that they spend 80% of their time working and 20% of their time pursuing something creative just for the sake of creativity. No joke.. even while working there during the day you could do whatever you want... But of course outside of work they wanted more... but sorry off topic.

A boudoir experience with me is fun. its exciting and actually quite addictive.

Heck, they may even inspire you and get your creative juices flowing and help ease you out of the mindset that you have to “achieve” something. Here at our studio, I take care of the details, so all you have to do is show up, let go a little, and let yourself feel good just for the sake of feeling good.

Treat yourself, celebrate your journey, and take home gorgeous photos that you’ll absolutely love.

Everyone is comfortable in your comfort zone .... That's why they call it the comfort zone.. BUT LIFE Truly happens just outside that zone

Noone really wakes up first thing and thinks .. OH I WANNA POSE IN LINGERIE In front of some stranger ... but just stepping in front of the camera dressed in lingerie is exactly what you need. I know it might sound like the last thing you’d want to do, but because it challenges you to slow down and appreciate yourself. Oh, by the way we aren't going to be strangers by the end .. Its literally like hanging out with your BFF all day.. and beyond that, the way that I will be posing you will bring you an awareness of your body in a new way... It will make you see yourself as others do .. and you are going to fall in love with yourself.

Every woman deserves to love herself, her whole self, to feel the love she provides others towards herself.

Every woman deserves to celebrate her femininity, her sensuality, her beauty, her bravery.

ready for a life changing experience?

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