do you remember having photos of your mom around your home where she felt really beautiful?

Were there any conversations about loving your body in your household?

I'm curious to know what your experience was like growing up when it comes to how bodies were talked about in your home.

That's honestly one of the reasons I'm so adamant about hanging art in your homes and putting yourself on display.

so many times I hear "but I have kids" when I ask my clients if they want all art.

great! so SHOW THEM what it's like to love yourself.

Show them what it's like to be confident in your body.

Allow there to be room for conversations about body image, seggsuality, confidence.

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Many of us grew up in a society that celebrated thinness, pushed weight loss and set unrealistic standards of body image.

Think about how that destroyed your self worth, disconnected you from your body and made you feel small.

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You want better for your babies don't you?

You want them to know they are so worthy in a world that profits off them not believing it, right?

so show them. be the example. love yourself first so they can learn to do the same.

hang photos on your walls that you are absolutely obsessed with.

pull your album out and show your daughter that her body is beautiful in all stages of her life.

teach your sons that women's bodies are sacred and not objects.

that's it, that's my ted talk. thanks for coming to it

so anyways, come create ART with me and plaster it all over your house!