We are all about empowerment.

There is no shame in boudoir photography.

How we create our imagery, the intention behind our process, even the way we select our images is done with a wholly different goal in mind.

Yes your pictures can and will be sexy. There is NO SHAME in that. It’s ok for you to be sexy and it’s ok for us to capture it. But, we reject, like big-time reject, the ‘male gaze’ idea of what’s sexy. What is the male gaze? Oh boy, that’s a whole other post, and I’ll tackle that one, I promise. In essence, it’s the perspective that dominates movies in Hollywood and the world that women are just for them to view .. but ... I keep going

Contrary to what some people may assume, our audience here at DcKetchamPhotography is first and foremost…YOU!.


Yes, the pictures might be a gift for your significant other, and lucky them. But it’s you we really have in mind when we’re taking the photos. Imagine being able to let go of all your fear, shame, and doubts and let yourself be free. This will look different for everyone. For some, it may be as subtle as a sideways smile they suddenly make without thinking; for others, it could be letting their hands explore their body.

We don’t set expectations on you. My main job is to be the reassuring., comfortable and respectful force that says, “You’re safe. You’re free. Go with it.”

I've been doing this awhile and ... When “Sexy” Happens During most experiences, some women want a good deal of direction (and infact thats one thing that DOES separate me as I am always happy to give it.)

But eventually, the nerves will slip away. It’s kinda like dancing. It can feel awkward at first, then suddenly you’re just grooving. You’re in the flow and it’s so damn beautiful. That’s when “sexy” happens.

I will never tire of that ... seeing you shed so much and truly embrace yourselves during your experience. It happens.. Time .. and time again .. and when you're ready, I'd love to discuss with you your own life changing boudoir experience.