"... but how many photos are included?"

It's actually quite often that this comes up ... and I can't really answer this without going to talk more about your boudoir experience with me.

You see .. Boudoir is an truly custom experience to me and no session is the same... just as none of the ladies I empower are the same.

During your boudoir experience we are going to move around, we are going to go from "pose" to "pose" and beyond. I am not one of those photographers that has a specific 10 to 12 poses that you come in and do and then rush you back out of the door.

I am that photographer that is going to work with YOU, because you are the only one that matters to me right then and there and ... Don't tell my bank account this, but I do not do this for the money... So I am not "photographing to sell" .... But more on that later




I am going to photograph YOU

That might mean during your session I may take 200 photos ...

That might mean during your session I might take up to 500 !???

WAIT WHAT! ! 500 photos! WHY!??

Ok, hear me out ... as this is all about you and there are small little nuances that happen during a boudoir experience... such as a wide range of emotions let alone all the different outfits and then poses.

During your boudoir experience we will photograph you in approx 3 outfits and sometimes we get up to 4 or maybe even a fifth outfit.

This is an experience and not just a come in get photos and leave.

I am not going to rush you ; and then there is the comfort factor that comes into play too.

We have a standing "joke" here going that at the beginning of your day you might even want to cancel your session, but by the end you may have your girls out and are already planning a second session ...

Comfort and trust comes with time ... And I am going to give you that time.

To show a few examples:

Every woman is different, but here are just a few links to show you what their full galleries look like ... If I told you the number of photos each lady chose ... you will see those

Kaitlyn chose 26 final images out of 264 raw images

Elaine chose 42 final images out of 173 raw images

Jordyn chose 61 final images out of 415 raw images

If you add on any of our premiums.... Such as the wet set or the wings .. Then yes you will get even more Raw images to choose from.

The best part .. and one of the hardest parts of anyone's boudoir experience is that YOU Choose the photos that YOU want.

I am thee only boudoir photographer that does this.

I am also thee only boudoir photographer that sends you home with up to 3 images ON THE DAY OF YOUR EXPERIENCE ( Yes I yelled there cuz its f'n important!!)

Right after we are done with the actual photo portion of your experience; you will go and change into comfy clothes and then we will review all of your images and pick YOUR favorites

The photo here represents a little outdated version, but You will get to see Your photos on a screen in my office and pick them out yourself.

So ... with all of that ... If you have more questions and such .. Let's chat about your own life changing experience together.

Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch!