During your planning for your boudoir experience, you and I, the photographer are going to talk more about your taste preferences and what’s within your comfort zone. This is where we will discuss defining your fluid boundaries.

I've been empowering women through intimate portraits for a while now and the more that I do it... I see that we need fluid ... versus just black and white.

Do you know what I mean? Well, let me explain.

for some ladies; they know exactly what they want out of their boudoir experience and for others ... they really aren't too sure. First of all; we have no agenda here at Boudoir by DcKetcham Photography. We are not here to see anything ... but we are not here just to take pretty pictures.

Yes, pretty pictures will happen, but there is more to boudoir than photos.

I guess I'm really defining a fluid boundary as a pose or outfit or implied nude look that you are curious to try, but hesitant.

If you need the extra nudge to be brave to try something that is a little out of your comfort zone, I am here for that!

However, if you change your mind last minute on a planned look/outfit and can’t bring yourself to come out of the dressing room, we are here for that too!! This is a fluid boundary - a plan discussed ahead of time with the understanding that in the moment things may change and that’s perfectly ok!!

You’re In Control

Although I say it all the time - “We will coach and guide through every pose. . .” - understand that you are fully in control of your session. Through our guides, planning sessions, text chats, and emails, trust is established to make sure you are in the driver’s seat for your boudoir experience.

There are no surprises or fear of the “unknown”.

Maybe you see ....

Maybe you see the other women strip down into implied nudity and using just the sheet and say.. I WANT THAT... But then when you get here .. maybe you're not ready... And THAT IS OKAY!

Let's find your boudoir comfort zone... Take a moment Fill out the form and I'll be in touch!