I have always wanted to do this but...

Does this sound like you? It's normal .. I hear it alot; but STOP right there! Let us put your doubts to rest once and for all!

I've been doing this a while, and time and time again; I hear these things all the time...

... I don't have a significant other ...

... I have a mom bod

... My breasts are too small or too large

... or the booty is too small or too large

... I have a belly

... I have big thighs

... I’m older

... I don’t wear lingerie

... I don’t like my…

The list is endless. Thinking these things will make or break your shoot is a HUGE misconception. The following are the things that will make anyone’s shoot a success!

Wardrobe: Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be extensive. However, it does need to be well-fitting and flattering to your figure, in good condition and coordinated. You can do a lot with a few cute bra and panty sets.

Hair and Makeup: Professional hair, makeup, and nails are a must! In fact, they are included with almost every boudoir experience here.

And really, Don’t skimp on the details! We know what looks best on camera and will help you look your best... Besides, take in the full experience! Let yourself be the entire focus and get pampered! Get a mani/pedi a day or two before your shoot. Pamper yourself!

Here's a link to our hair and makeup prep guide that comes during your pre-session https://spark.adobe.com/page/bYypU7lnLXZ7r/

Confidence: Be confident. Be confident that you’ll look amazing. Be confident that you hired a team that will bring out your best. We’re professionals, put your trust in us to bring out your inner goddess!

We will use posing, lighting, angles to accentuate your positives! That’s how we take care of all those issues listed above. No excessive editing, just you looking your best!

We’re not a cookie cutter type of studio. Everyone that comes to us gets a personalized experience. We’ll work with you with a pre-shoot consultation and create ideas centered around what you want from your session.

We are available to talk to anytime via phone or e-mail.