Let’s get something straight. Your mirror and iPhone are way less flattering than my camera, and they’re also full of lies:

Wait .. What!?

Let's start with bad lighting, amateur posing and that insecure look on your face as you shudder and say: “Is THAT what I look like?” NO! That’s not what you actually look like. But why would believe anything me? That’s what you see, and you don’t have anything better to compare it to.

When I started photographing boudoir in my whole approach came from a single realization... The world lies and everyone does deserve to see themselves as others do and to feel the best about their photos. As someone who hates my own photo, I get it..

That’s why I'll assist you to pick your outfits, acts as an on-set stylist, teach you how to pose, and bring in artists who understand hair and makeup for the camera. It makes a difference!

Looking at pictures of yourself in lingerie and being genuinely blown away by how good you look is a weird feeling, simply because you don’t have the tools at home to do it yourself.

I ask ladies if they've ever done a boudoir session before and so often I hear "just selfies at home..."

Well, those are good to a certain extent .. but I am here to really bring out the best in you.

I've covered all the bases to make sure that I am capturing the real you.

Over and over I hear.. I can't believe that's me .. and that's because you are fed lies .... So; let me capture the real, authentic and beautiful you. 

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