For some.... There is thoughts that boudoir is just about taking “sexy” photos. But at here at DcKetchamPhotography, it’s so much more.

In fact.. there is a reason we call it a life changing experience.

For most clients, it’s a transformative, healing experience. For women struggling with body image, self-worth, and staying connected with their sensuality, a boudoir experience can be a big step toward a healthier, more positive place.

It takes courage to be photographed, especially in your underwear.

One of the things I am known for is that there isn't thoughts of feeling a bit exposed and vulnerable... but yet they are going to be there.

But what comes from the experience is so much more than just photos of you looking amazing; it’s the after-effects of doing something outside your comfort zone. When you’re courageous, when you show up for yourself, you’re choosing to be your own advocate. And when you make that choice, your self-worth comes from within. It’s less reliant on those around you. That’s why we believe a boudoir experience is so much more than just "sexy" photos.

for so many women they change the way they even walk after their experience as their confidence is life changing

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So how do you keep that surge of confidence once you leave? 

It’s not always easy... but here are a few tips for keeping the confidence long after your session ends…

So how do you keep that surge of confidence once you leave? 

It’s not always easy... but here are a few tips for keeping the confidence long after your session ends…

Start by Saying NO to body shaming... of any kind ...

We’ve all done it. Made those self-deprecating remarks criticizing our “trouble areas.” But really, what purpose does it serve? Do we feel better afterwards? Does anything change? No. In fact, we’re probably just keeping ourselves in that same cycle of negative thinking. What would happen if we just stopped it all together? Instead of paying attention to our insecurities, we celebrate our attributes: the things about ourselves we love. Not there yet? That’s ok. Just start with squashing all that self-hate.

Surround yourself with Only positive... and keep draining away as much as you can

There’s a theory that people fall into two categories: chargers and drainers. 

Drainers are those people who leave you feeling tired and uncertain, while chargers inspire you, build you up, make want to be your best self. Build your network out of chargers and you’ll have a great support system to keep you feeling great. 

You are allowed to walk away from those that drain you.

OWN YOURSELF .. And your Sensuality

Wherever you’re headed, go forward without shame or fear.

Celebrate your own unique and wonderful spirit. Embrace your femininity. We don’t mean wear gobs of makeup and high heels every day, We’re talking about something deeper: your own, unique feminine energy that comes from within.

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Invest your time wisely.

Similar to the idea of chargers and drainers, it matters where we invest our energy. Do an inventory of where you spend the most time. Is it in areas or activities that build you up and help you grow? If the answer is no, ask yourself why, and reflect on how much value that activity is really adding to your life.

Do something every day that makes you feel ALIVE . 

“ALIVE? What’s that mean?”  During a boudoir experience your life will change and you will literally feel ALIVE!

It means you’re living outside of the status quo. You’re not settling for comfortable. 

Dance in your underwear. Sing in the shower. Remember, the reason you felt so confident post-shoot was because you challenged yourself to do something big and bold.

Don’t stop there. 

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