Classy and Elegant ... with just the hint of sexiness ...

When I first started boudoir, I’ll admit that I was nervous to capture ladies when they didn’t want to wear just lingerie. I’m naturally an “empath” so when my clients used to get nervous, I would pick up on their emotions and be nervous as well.

Why is being topless or nude such an issue? I get it. Some people think it’s sinful, and that’s totally ok if that’s how you feel. If that’s the case though, you may need to stop right now and leave this boudoir group cause, well, that’s part of the fun in it.

I do want to cover something now and upfront... As ladies, I am NOT here to "see" anything when it does come to your boudoir experience. I am here though to help you see yourself. I am here to help you see yourself as others do, and for some that does include going topless.

Back to it, though, with time and in a way, forcing myself to photograph more ladies topless or in the RARE occasion nude, it’s no different to me now. I can photograph a woman in a sweatshirt vs a woman completely naked and feel no difference. Well, maybe a little bit. I would hate the sweatshirt. Not flattering at all, lovies… Don’t wear a sweatshirt. Please? But the same is that in posing, in guidance my one and only job is to make you feel comfortable and give you the best portraits I can.

Anyway, as I ramble, I’ll attempt to get to my actual point.

You do not have to be topless, or rock your birthday suit for your session but you should at least consider it.

I do not take lightly that you are opening yourself that way and being bold to show more skin and I will photograph you out of respect. My studio is warm and welcoming and full of respect more than anything.

All of my clients have raved about going topless or nude for the final portion of their shoot. They said, “Well, I’m here. Might as well try.” Or some would say that there would never be another point in their lives where this opportunity would be available to them again, so “why not?” and even the ones that say "I want the full experience."

After their session and when they see their photos, they ALWAYS buy a few of their topless photos. They’re always glad they did it not just for the photograph but because they pushed their boundary a bit which can feel amazing when it’s something you rarely do.

I’m not going to lie. It can be scary for some of us to throw caution to the wind and strip down naked. I don’t blame you for the hesitancy!

If you want to stay covered for your shoot, you rock that and don’t be ashamed if you don’t wanna show more skin. Mystery is 100% sexy and lovely too.

But if you’re even sorta thinking you want to do it, what better time than now.

Chat with me if you have questions! Would love to hear from you.