As a married man myself ...

This may come as a shock, but over the years I actually have had a tiny few clients that their husbands weren't the happiest of their wife getting boudoir photos done ...but for the most part with now 13 years experience in delivering boudoir photos for wives, the resounding answer is YES!

Time and time again I photograph women that are doing this as a gift for their significant other.

gifting boudoir ohio boudoir

Boudoir is a great way to capture intimate and special moments that will last a lifetime.

Celebrating a milestone?

Boudoir Photography is the perfect gift to celebrate an occasion or holiday, such as an Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a Birthday! in fact I think the most common two reasons that wives are doing boudoir is for their anniversary or even for their upcoming wedding.

Remember, this is a fun, special, and intimate gift to give your significant other! This experience is unique for each and every couple – that’s the beauty of it! 

The best time to give the gift depends on the occasion and purpose. Are you giving it as a wedding gift? You can give it to your partner the day before the ceremony, the day of leading up to the ceremony if you’re alone together, or even the night of! 

gifting boudoir ohio boudoir


Trust me, there is a reason us boudoir photographers want to handle your intimate portraits. A red flag in boudoir is if the photographer hands you the files and tells you to just go print them at walmart or walgreens, or even an online place like shutterfly! RUN FROM THAT!


Trust me .. You do not want your photos our there being seen by those who shouldnt see them. As a boudoir photographer myself I use trusted quality businesses that specialize in gifting boudoir images.

The most common gift is an album of your images.

We will work together to create a gift that lasts forever and is a reminder of your love!

gifting boudoir ohio boudoir

Once your husband sees your photos he will want to see more!