You want to do a boudoir experience, but it’s a lot of money all at once. We totally understand! That's why we offer two types of Payment Plans:

During your consultation we’ll figure out a payment amount and a schedule that works for you, so you can take the stress out of your boudoir session and really enjoy it.

Pay on your terms:

PAY AFTER. This is a great option if you’re booking last minute but still want the option of doing a payment plan. The session fee is required up front, but your remaining balance for a product, print, or digital file purchases, can be broken up into smaller chunks. Once complete, your order will be processed.

PAY BEFORE. We schedule your boudoir session to happen and you start "banking" money instantly. You can make your final payment at the time of your review session, after which we will order your chosen product (a great option for those scheduling their session with advance notice). Pay Before Can also earn a few incentives.

PAY IN FULL DAY OF EXPERIENCE: This way gives you extra buying power too.

Let's chat about what is best for you.