I know it sounds super cheesy for you ladies to choose to-do this experience for yourself...but hear me out :

You've made the contact... We've discussed alot about what your experience will be like as well as you're nervous and excited all at the same time .. as yes it's alot to get vulnerable with someone you really don't know..

But here is where your world changes ...during your vulnerable moments that's when you'll see a change .. thats when you'll feel more love .. thats when you're going to be amazed at just how amazing you do look

we have a long time "joke" here is that you're nervous for your first session and you may want to stay 100% covered up but by the end of your experience you'll most likely be giggling so much, have your girls out and already planning a second experience.

You've been through so much. .

You've given so much ...

and noone is really going to appreciate this experience as much as you will ..

sure a gift a Boudoir for your significant other will be loved but ..

the feelings of love, validation, confidence, comfort, happiness and pleasure are all about and for YOU.

It's time to do something for yourself.

A boudoir experience is a life changing event and you deserve it. You're worth it.

When you may even think at all you're ready .. let's chat and change your life together.

Go ahead and fill this out and I'll be in touch soon