i was contacted through my website from a potential client... let's call her "Ms. J" and she was interested in something different than i normally post and her words were "I want to always look back on these photos of the body I love so much."

SHE WAS INTERESTED in bodyscape boudoir, where we focus more on the body itself in an artful matter.

Bodyscapes, also known as nudescape or high contrast nude, uses bright light and sharp deep shadows to create a dramatic, almost monochrome effect.

Only the edges of your body are illuminated, creating a beautiful curved line across the image. It’s not always clear to the viewer that they’re seeing a human body. 

I want to help you be satisfied with your boudoir images no matter what and even if it's a little out of my "norm" ... as someone told me ... My norm can be whatever I want.

So with that, I was able to dust off some of my older lighting techniques I learned over the years ... and ... well.. here are just a few of the bodyscape boudoir were were able to create for Ms. J

This is a really stunning type of boudoir, perfect for an artistic portrait of your lips, collarbones, back, and other small areas of your body. I love this style for highlighting your favorite body features.  

we decided together between some of the black and white and color, but then also decided to very very minimal photoshop or editing as to keep her body and skin as it looks

bodyscape boudoir cleveland

What do you wear to a bodyscape photography session?

Well the first option is to go nude! But, that isn’t actually necessary.

Though nudescapes look fantastic, with the unbroken line of light down the length of the body, you can still get that stunning effect without having to go totally nude. 

So if you don’t want to go nude, what do you wear?

  • A skin toned thong and go topless
  • A bra and panty set 
  • Stockings and heels 
  • Body chains, jeweled pasties

If you want to bring some glamour and creativity into your photos, you can also experiment with fabrics and finishes that catch the light – silk, satin, and even like lace ... as that could make some great shadows too. 

bodyscape boudoir

Want to do a bodyscapes experience?

Let me know in the form below that you want a bodyscape look and we’ll make it happen.