In my time as chosen boudoir artist one thing is you might need a little push or just some extra convincing... so; here are a few reasons that an intimate boudoir experience is the perfect way to renew and refresh yourself:

You deserve to look at yourself with loving eyes.

Because there’s nothing like feeling good in your own skin. You may not think you have it in you, but I will bring it out in you. My goal when we are "done" is for you to be amazed with the woman who you are - the one who braved her fears, bested her insecurities and allowed herself to see clearly how amazing she is, just as she is.

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You’ll have images of yourself feeling and looking your best as a reminder for yourself whenever you need an extra boost.

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You’ll gain confidence - really!

Because saying “Yes, AND…” feels better than saying “No, but…”

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maybe because you deserve a BREAK! A boudoir experience is an excuse to get pampered and have some "me time" - this is something sooo important... quit putting everyone else first.

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You’ll shake things up and step out of your comfort zone, proving to yourself that Yes, you CAN!