Have you ever wondered what really goes on during a boudoir session?

Here’s 5 facts about our boudoir sessions that people normally don’t know:

#1 thing is that We have fun!

This might not be something you’d ever consider, but we LAUGH during my sessions.... and you're gonna laugh at ME as I will show you the poses yourself ! Usually during the session you’ll get to see my goofy side; maybe even hear a dad joke or two and I’ll definitely be capturing some natural smiles and maybe even a laugh or two!

confident woman laughing during boudoir

#2 is that I don’t allow negativity in my studio.

It’s hard not to criticize one’s self, especially when you are standing in front of a photographer half naked. However, its my general rule during the session and during the view and order appointment that negativity is left at the door. We have a very positive vibe and only allow that good energy to flow at my studio! Also, I have a rule ... if you do say one bad thing about yourself, you need to follow that up with three good things about yourself.

brunette in lingerie for boudoir
boudoir with tushy

Maybe most importantly, but ... #3 is that It’s not about the pictures.

(Well, sort of) See, what most people WANT out of a boudoir session are beautiful images of herself. Oh, you will for sure get those... but what most women don’t realize is how much the experience itself will change them. The woman I meet at the beginning of the day, while she’s getting her hair and makeup done, chatting away with us, is NOT the same person who walks out of my studio after her session.

Happens every time.

Every single one of my clients walks away with a pep in her step and a new found OR regained confidence.

It truly is amazing to witness. This may be my actual favorite part of the day!

And in the days and weeks that follow, that confidence continues to grow…, from showing them off maybe to your significant other, or in our community of empowerment ... to then receiving her gorgeous products, the confidence is palpable. And this carries on throughout all aspects of her life; her spouse, children, friends, family, co-workers, all notice and benefit from it.

#4 You do not need to be a Model to do this... In fact; this truly is for the every day women

Everyone is so nervous about that they might not look like someone else. They think they need to know how to pose, or try to practice ahead of time. Nope. Not at all. I pose you 100%, from your hair down to your tippy toes! Also, don’t worry about that confusing lingerie, or those super high heels. I’ll help with all of that. I’m kind of an expert.

vintage inspired boudoir

#5 ... Which I hear alot is that : you’re going to be sore!

Before each session I warn all of my clients that a boudoir session is basically like a really fun workout and not to be surprised if you are sore the next day! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a text the next day telling me how much their muscles hurt…muscles they never knew they had!

So a boudoir experience with us is a stretch in more ways than one!

boudoir for any size

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