Maybe you're thinking about booking your own experience and wondering if you really need to have hair AND makeup done. Or maybe you just booked and you're wondering if it will make a difference in your experience. 

As with most thoughts and feelings women have about their boudoir experience, you're not alone!

So... Below are a handful of reasons why your experience should and does includes licensed professional hair and makeup in your session.


We've been chatting alot leading up to your day... but ... I believe that trust in me as a boudoir photographer, and a connection is critical during this whole experience. You're about to take photos in your underwear, and frankly, it's unlikely that a quick meet and greet is going to put you in the space where you feel amazing. We get to meet, have natural conversation that isn't forced into a 5-10 minute timeframe - we can chat, you can ask ANY questions you have. Also, I give guidance in person with demonstrations that apply to all poses, so you feel even more prepared.

These are intimate portraits, so we tend to be like best friends during this whole experience.

Everyone is nervous !! Including me! During the first 10-15 ish minutes of their session, and it only takes about that long to settle in because of all of the time you have had to relax and enjoy being taken care of, acclimate to the space, and connect with me! Instead of spending your shoot trying to get comfortable, getting your hair and makeup done at the studio ensure that your shoot is a time where you get to reconnect with yourself in a whole new way. You get an experience you could not have dreamed of.


we strongly believe that booking a boudoir experience is a big deal. This is NOT A PHOTOSHOOT ! There are a lot of stressors, doubts and questions that a lot of clients have when they book, and some of them persist even after they confirm their booking. Boudoir gives us so many opportunities to look at ideas about ourselves and our bodies that have held us back from enjoying who we really are. Getting your hair and makeup done isn't just about looking a certain way - it's about feeling a certain way. It's an affirmation that you deserve to treat yourself, and taking action on that belief - that you deserve it - is powerful. It creates confidences that not only feels good, it emanates from you which really shows in your images. 


Don't you want the feeling of being "home?" Now, While I give every possible way to prepare for your boudoir experience, there will inevitably be nerves as you arrive at the studio, and thoughts racing through your head. Having your hair and makeup done gives you time to relax and be pampered. while you soak up the beautiful atmosphere of the studio including listening to music chosen for you.. and maybe even sipping on some mimosas. Whether your style is very glam, or natural beauty, it always feels good to be taken care of, knowing you are in the care of a talented expert as well as they are licensed and professional.

It would be a little weird to walk in the studio and jump right into shooting! Your time in the hair and makeup chair is relaxing and allows us to get to know each other a little bit better before your boudoir session.


Here is the big one: camera makeup and real-life makeup are not exactly the same! I work with professionals who have trained skills for making sure your makeup looks flawless on camera. They know how I actually photograph you as a boudoir photographer and adjust for that. Having a hair and makeup artist take care of your hair and makeup helps ensure success in our boudoir session!

A final thought.... Would we get some beautiful images without the hair and makeup added? Yes of course. But you should feel a little less stress and allow yourself to be loved on. Furthermore, and probably more importantly, you wouldn't get to enjoy the entire experience. I firmly believe in the power of boudoir photography as a means to reclaiming your body, beauty, and sensuality. Getting into a headspace where you can experience this cannot be rushed. It typically takes time to settle into a groove during the experience regardless, and getting hair and makeup done creates the space you need to do so.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a boudoir experience. Having hair and makeup as a part of your session means you have one thing less to worry about. Show up, get pampered! You deserve to have a little bit of luxury in your life and this is going to be just the first of many confidence boosts that you will experience throughout your boudoir session.